Romans In Britain

The chances are, if pressed, we could all bring forth some thoughts, opinions and facts about the Romans, which is not surprising considering the significant part they played in European history.

Much has been recorded of the gods and goddesses the Romans worshipped, the powerful military figures and rulers that were so instrumental in building the Roman Empire, and of course of the impact the Romans made on said Empire.

One thing the Romans liked to do was build, and the resulting structures were both immense and imposing. There was The Colosseum amphitheatre, the scene of many gladiator battles, The Vatican, residence for Popes since 1377 (an independent state), and the city of Pompeii, excavated from under the debris of a Mount Vesuvius eruption. There were also substantial villas, home to many wealthy Romans both in Rome and across the Empire.  Much of this site is dedicated to Roman Britain, and the Romans left their mark there too. There are pages dedicated to Hadrians Wall, which was built to defend British land under Roman rule, and also details of the road network that Roman soldiers, and later prisoners created in Britain, and how these details were recorded on early road maps.

Once the Romans were here, they had a huge impact on shaping this country. Trade routes were established between traders in Rome and the tribes people that lived here. They saw Britain as a potentially wealthy place, which could do well under their control.

Many Roman soldiers who had served across the world, brought new religions into the UK, while they also introduced more formal learning. They also had some interesting ideas when it came to mealtimes, and entertainment, both in Britain and in Rome. The legacy that they left behind includes the remains of Hadrian’s Wall, and other castles, monuments, preserved mosaics, precious relics, and major roads.

Browse through the selection of facts and figures here, but don’t forget, Roman Britain and everything that came after it would not have been possible, had it not been for the Roman invasions of Britain. Find out about Julius Caesar and Emperor Claudius, two of the most powerful figures in Roman history. Relive their numerous attempts at invading Britain, their success stories, failures, and how they then set about protecting their conquered lands.

If you like reading about hard fought battles, lasting legacies and significant change in the way our predecessors lived, then Roman history will fascinate you for a long time to come.

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