Facts about Roman Britain

  • Romans viewed the British tribes people as little more than drunken Barbarians. They were always getting into fights, and traditionally sported spikey hair and blue war paint.
  • Children in Roman Britain played games such as Dice, Hopscotch, and Hide and Seek, which have survived to the present day.
  • Medical knowledge was very limited in Roman times, but herbal medicines were very popular. Fennel was said to calm the nerves, while Sage was put in cough mixtures, and Lemon Balm helped headaches.
  • Romans enjoyed all sorts of random delicacies at their meals, one popular dish was Marinated Larks Tongues. The recipe required 1,000 of the birds.
  • One of the new religions Romans brought to Britain, was worshipping Mithras the Persian God Of Light. Male soldiers and sea merchants went underground and took part in gruesome rituals, such as being locked in a tomb for several hours.
  • Up until the Roman invasions of Britain, childrens learning solely consisted of stories, poems, songs and customs, being passed down through the generations. When the Romans arrived, if money was available, children were sent to a school called a Ludus. The boys and the few girls who attended school, learnt to write, count using an Abacus, and studied work from Greek and Roman Authors.

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