Facts about Rome and the Romans

  • Romans were a race that really enjoyed their food, so much so, that they would actually make themselves vomit between meals so they could eat more.
  • During the first century or classical era, Romans became inventors, and produced one of the first domestic heating systems in the world. Tubes embedded in house walls transported hot air from fires in the basements, heating rooms, and enabling hot and cold running water. The wealthy often made great use of this, and had private baths, although bathing was also a very social event. Roman Bath Houses featured hot, warm and cold baths that Romans could move between.
  • Also Romans had a Roman God of Love, Cupid, that didn’t always inspire them to be romantic. Roman men kissed their wives at the end of a day, not as an act of love, but simply to check if they had been drinking all day.
  • Romans liked bloodthirsty sports as forms of entertainment. Gladiator fights always attracted large crowds, where the gladiators would fight each other, or animals. Chariot races were also popular, and in Rome, were held in a large arena called Circus Maximus.
  • Among the taxes levied was an unusual Urine Tax, introduced by Nero and Vespasian. Urine was collected from public loos, and was then used as a raw material in tanning, as a source of ammonia for laundry workers to clean Togas, and it may have possibly been used as a tooth whitener.

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